Student groups can access Flux at no charge under Flux Academic Use program

By March 18, 2016 April 26th, 2016 Educational

Undergraduate groups can now access Flux, U-M’s shared computing cluster, at no cost under the new Flux Academic Use program from Advanced Research Computing (ARC). Flux Academic Use aims to provide undergraduates with experience in high performance computing and access to computational resources for their projects; it is not meant for faculty-led research. Jobs submitted under Flux Academic Use will run only when unused cycles are available. To be most efficient, student groups should use short or checkpointed jobs to take advantage of these available cycles. Student groups can also purchase Flux allocations for jobs that are higher priority or time constrained; those allocations can also work in conjunction with the free Flux Academic Use jobs. Undergraduate groups must have a faculty sponsor to be eligible for Flux Academic Use. For more information, or to request time under Flux Academic Use, please email