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Recent and Upcoming EarthCube Domain End-User Workshops, and Other EarthCube Events

January 6, 2013 @ 12:00 am

EarthCube Domain End-User Workshops

Experimental Stratigraphy December 11-12, 2012, UT Austin, TX This two-day workshop will bring together on-site and virtual participants with expertise from experimentalists, modelers, and field geologists in the fields of Earth surface processes, geomorphology, and stratigraphy. Workshop website: https://sites.google.com/site/sedimentexperiments/workshop-experimental-stratigraphy Contact: Leslie Hsu, lhsu@ldeo.columbia.edu Shaping the Development of EarthCube to Enable Advances in Data Assimilation and Ensemble Prediction December 17-18, 2012, UCAR, Boulder, CO This workshop aims to shape the development of EarthCube and help in building an infrastructure that makes it easy to integrate and use data from disparate sources, allowing investigators to perceive linkages that today are obscured by incompatible formats or simple lack of knowledge that the data they need for their investigations indeed exist. Workshop website: http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/events/2012EarthCubeWorkshop/ Contact: Mohan Ramamurthy, mohan@ucar.edu Engaging the Critical Zone Community to Bridge Long Tail Science with Big Data January 21-23, 2013, University of Delaware, Newark, DE The overall goal of the workshop is to develop a set of unifying requirements for the integration of “long tail” data and “big data” and to develop an interactive community of domain and cyber scientists to pursue solutions in the critical zone community. Workshop website: http://criticalzone.org/christina/events/event/2013-01-21-earthcube-czo-workshop/ Registrationhttp://criticalzone.org/national/news/story/online-registration-now-open-for-critical-zone-earthcube-domain-workshop-ja/ Blog posthttp://earthcube.ning.com/profiles/blogs/critical-zone-domain-pilot-for-earthcube Contact: Anthony Aufdenkampe, aufdenkampe@stroudcenter.org Envisioning a Digital Crust for Simulating Continental Scale Subsurface Fluid Flow in Earth System Models January 29-31, 2013, USGS Powell Center, Fort Collins, CO The goal of this workshop is to develop a long-term vision of a digital representation of the continental crust of N. America and design concepts for prototype data model(s) in order to advance the understanding of the critical zone and deeper crust and to better couple the exchange of mass and energy between the surface and the subsurface. Workshop website: http://earthcube.ning.com/events/earthcube-geo-domain-workshop-proposal-envisioning-a-digital Contact: Jennifer Arrigo, jarrigo@cuahsi.org Cyberinfrastructure for Paleogeoscience February 4-6, 2013, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN This workshop will bring together scientists working on paleorecords from: cores drilled in the seafloor, lakebeds, peatlands, continental crust, glaciers or ice sheets, or trees; rock samples hammered from outcrops; fossil remains retrieved from various depositional environments; speleothems; and corals, and will focus on how paleogeoscientists interact with data, whether through discovery of existing data, providing context for new data, characterizing and comparing disparate datasets, or archiving data, in ways that will enable new questions to be answered and existing challenges to be addressed. Workshop website: http://earthcube.ning.com/events/earthcube-geo-domain-workshop-cyberinfrastructure-for Community Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/earthcubecyberforpaleosurvey Registration: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/earthcubecyberforpaleoapplication Contact: Anders Noren, noren021@umn.edu For more information on upcoming EarthCube domain end-user workshops, please see: http://earthcube.ning.com/page/earthcube-domain-workshops  Proposed Workshops Additional workshops have been proposed by Earth, ocean and atmospheric scientists, including:

  • Education & Workforce Training
  • Marine Geophysics
  • Sensors & Real Time Data
  • Geochemistry & Igneous Petrology
  • Rivers & Biogeochemistry
  • Paleoclimate
  • Data Management Facilities
  • Geochronology
  • Community Modeling Facilities
  • Biological Oceanography
  • Geomicrobiology
  • Chemical & Physical Oceanography

As they are scheduled, event details and registration information will be posted at: http://earthcube.ning.com/page/earthcube-domain-workshops-schedule. Interested in organizing a workshop in your field? Contact your NSF Program Officer or email Barbara Ransom at bransom@nsf.gov

Other EarthCube Events

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Winter Meeting  January 8-10, 2013, Washington, DC Several EarthCube events will take place at the ESIP winter meeting. Meeting website: http://esipfed.org/meetings Schedulehttp://commons.esipfed.org/schedule/Winter%20Meeting%202013 93rd Annual American Meteorological Society Meeting January 6-10, 2013, Austin, TX This is a key event for the atmospheric sciences community, and EarthCube participants will be well-represented here. Meeting website: http://annual.ametsoc.org/2013/ EarthCube Summit at the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Technical Committee Meeting January 6-10, 2013, Austin, TX The OGC is holding its winter Technical Committee meeting at the Esri campus in southern California, Jan 14-18, 2013. On Friday, Jan 18, Esri is making space available for an EarthCube Summit. This meeting is for outreach and engagement of the EarthCube science community with the OGC/IT standards community. We’d like to consider how OGC standards and best practices could best support and evolve with EarthCube. Meeting websitehttp://earthcube.ning.com/events/earthcube-summit-at-ogc-tc?xg_source=activity Registration: https://portal.opengeospatial.org/public_ogc/register/130118_earthcube.php


January 6, 2013
12:00 am
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