New nodes added to increase capacity of Flux HPC cluster

By February 17, 2016 April 26th, 2016 General Interest

As part of regular upgrades to our high performance computing resources, Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services (ARC-TS) has increased the capacity of the Flux HPC cluster. These newest (seventh generation) nodes include:

  • 167 Standard Flux nodes with 24 cores and 128 GB RAM each
  • 4 Large Memory Flux nodes with 56 cores and 1.5 TB RAM each
  • Connected via EDR (100 Gbps) Infiniband
  • Adds a total of 4,232 cores and 27 TB RAM to Flux.

For complete descriptions of the various Flux configurations, see our HPC Resources page. The additional resources allow Flux to handle more jobs simultaneously and increases the number of cores and amount of memory on the largest nodes. Jobs can request the new cores by using the standard PBS options ( and/or requesting the node property “haswell”. Please note that the new nodes are likely to be popular and jobs that request the new nodes may wait longer to start than jobs with less-specific resource requirements.