Emanuel Gull to help lead new Simons Foundation project on the Many Electron Problem

By March 25, 2014 April 26th, 2016 News

Emanuel Gull, an assistant professor in the Physics Department, is one of four leaders of a new collaboration created by the Simons Foundation to apply new methods for determining the quantum mechanical behavior of systems comprising many interacting electrons. The project’s goal is to “revolutionize our ability to calculate and understand the properties of molecules and solids important in chemistry, physics, and everyday life.” Gull is one of 12 co-principal investigators, and one of four collaboration group directors. He will lead the “Monte Carlo” group, which aims to “design, develop, implement, and test Monte Carlo methods for correlated electron systems.” “The most exciting thing to me is that we’ve managed to combine a team of the very best researchers in this field into a large collaboration,” Gull said. “I’m looking forward to intensive discussions and workshops with the other members of the collaboration, and I’m excited to help organize the first summer school for our students and postdocs.” The Simons Foundation is a private foundation based in New York City with a mission to advance the frontiers of research in mathematics and the basic sciences.