Flux on Demand is now available

By December 17, 2014 April 26th, 2016 General Interest, News

ARC is pleased to announce the availability of Flux on Demand (FOD), a service that allows users to run jobs as needed without committing to a month-long allocation.

FOD, which is available immediately, may be the right choice for users with sporadic workloads that don’t result in consistent sets of jobs run over the course of a month. FOD will be charged monthly at the rate of $30.25 per core-month, rounded to the nearest core-second.

FOD also frees users from the maximum number of processors associated with a monthly Flux account — FOD jobs have access to 1,826 Standard Flux processors connected to Flux’s high-speed Infiniband networking hardware. However, FOD does not provide access to a dedicated directory on the storage system (/scratch).

Early next year, ARC will allow FOD account owners to set an overall limit on the charges incurred per month by each account.

For the latest information on the hardware and rates for the different Flux products, see the Hardware Services web page.

To create a Flux-on-Demand account, email hpc-support@umich.edu with the list of users who should have access to the account.