Flux/Nyx winter outage set for Jan. 2 – 6

By November 12, 2014 April 26th, 2016 News

Flux, Nyx, and their storage systems (/home, /home2, /nobackup, and /scratch) will be unavailable starting at 5pm Friday, January 2nd, returning to service on Tuesday January 6th. During this time, the following updates are planned:

  • Software updates including the Operating System (minor updates provided by RedHat) and job scheduling system
  • Normal preventative maintenance on the /scratch and /nobackup filesystems
  • New hardware installation for the primary computers that run the job scheduler, resource manager, and accounting database for the cluster
  • Installation of switch modules for the high-speed InfiniBand network
  • ITS Networking will be updating firmware on the Ethernet switches
  • ITS Value Storage may also be doing work at that time if needed

Also during the outage, we will update the email address for the Footprints system, so emails will arrive from hpc-support@umich.edu rather than the current address of cac-support@umich.edu. Please adjust any email filters you may have in place. We will post status updates on our Twitter feed (https://twitter.com/UMCoECAC) and send an email when the outage has been completed.