Please note that attendance at this workshop session is limited to University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff only.  This is due to restricted building access.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

OpenACC is the accepted standard using compiler directives to allow quick development of GPU capable codes using standard languages and compilers. It has been used with great success to accelerate real applications within very short development periods. This workshop assumes knowledge of either C or Fortran programming. It will have a hands-on component using the Bridges computing platform at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.


You will need to bring a laptop to the workshop. There are no computers provided in the conference room.

You will need an ssh client to connect to a remote cluster in order to participate in the course exercises. Mac OS X and Linux platforms have this built-in. Here are a couple of choices for Windows platforms:

Please download and install these tools before class begins.

Room 4010 Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Building<
(Harold N Cohn Conference Room)
2301 Bonisteel Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

These directions are a bit more tortuous than you might expect. It’s a good idea to review them before making the journey.

Start here, at the front door of the University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences building, 2355 Bonisteel Blvd. Go in, and turn immediately left, before going through the inner set of doors, go down the stairs, and through the glass doors at the bottom. You can also walk through those inner doors and turn left into the departmental office and ask the staff for directions.
Turn immediately left, go down the short flight of stairs, and enter the tunnel between this building and the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory building. (You may remember that the NEL used to be the Phoenix Laboratory, housing U-M’s research nuclear reactor, now removed.)
At the end of the tunnel, go through the doors (the doors will be unlocked, and will not alarm) and turn right.
You will come to a locked door. Touch your Mcard to the front of the reader on the right wall and look for a green light and the words “access granted”. Go through the doors and proceed down the hall. If access is denied, please call 734.926.8421 .
At the end of the hall go through a set of unlocked doors, proceed a short distance and then turn left and go through another set of doors fronting an elevator. Take the elevator to the fourth floor.
Turn left coming out of the elevator, and our meeting room (the Cohn Conference Room) will be straight ahead. You have arrived!

Please do not bring food or drink into the conference room. There is a very strict no food or drinks policy. The only thing that is allowed is water in a closed container, like a water bottle.

Restrooms are outside the conference room, down the hall on the right.